Real-World Sustainability Successes and Best Practices

Taking Action, Learning and Sharing Knowledge

Everyday, our employees focus on advancing energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives for our customers and our own operations. Check back as we continually add descriptions of specific and measurable successes we've had in these areas:

  • Product Stewardship and Innovation
  • Operational Excellence
  • Social and Community Contributions
About CEES

Trane Helps McDonald’s Restaurant Achieve Significant Electricity Savings (PDF)
Trane provided the air conditioning system for a McDonald’s in Sao Paulo, Brazil - the first Latin American “green” restaurant, and there’s been significant energy savings.

Ingersoll Rand Site Switches to No-GHG Foaming Agent and Saves Almost $100,000 (PDF)
Employees at Ingersoll Rand's Trane plant in Fort Smith, Ark. adopted use of Ecomate foaming agent for their air handlers, a solution that meets environmental goals and does not contribute to ozone depletion or global warming.


Operational Excellence

Sub-Metering Enables Significant Energy Reductions (PDF)
In place at several large Ingersoll Rand manufacturing facilities, Trane eViewTM sub-metering software gives specific energy usage data that has led to significant energy reductions (5% and counting).

Thermo King Uses Recycled Oil from McDonald’s to Run Refrigeration Units (Biodiesel) (PDF)
Thermo King teamed with McDonald’s distributor Martin-Brower to use recycled cooking oil to help run refrigeration trucks and units in Brazil.

Royal Haskoning and Trane Reduce CO2 Emissions and Optimize Energy Efficiency at World Trade Center Amsterdam (PDF)
State-of-the-art software and HVAC systems enable close monitoring and flexibility, resulting in optimal performance and energy efficiency.

EDF Climate Corps and Ingersoll Rand Pinpoint Energy, Emissions, and Cost Savings (PDF)
Aiming to help reduce energy usage and carbon emissions, two MBA fellows worked with teams at Ingersoll Rand manufacturing facilities to identify savings in HVAC, compressed air systems and process heating.

Print-On-Demand Process Reduces Waste, Saves Money, and Improves Accuracy (PDF)
Ingersoll Rand targeted print processes in order to reduce costs and environmental impacts, and succeeded on multiple fronts.

Changing Office Coffee Service Reduces Waste, Saves Money, and Provides Better Coffee (PDF)
The team at the Davidson, N.C. Ingersoll Rand facility (of 1,000+ employees) changed processes and eliminated use of disposable hot beverage cups, resulting in numerous environmental and cost benefits.

Food Composting Program Integral to Zero Waste-to-Landfill Goals at Trane Facility (PDF)
In addition to recycling programs for metal, paper, plastics, and more, managing food waste is an important part of waste reduction efforts at Trane’s Trenton, N.J. plant, where they’re proving that composting is easy and effective for keeping large amounts of waste out of landfills.

Trane Energy Optimization Program Helps Companies Implement Energy Reductions (PDF)
Trane’s Industrial Optimization Group identifies ways to reduce energy use and save money throughout commercial and industrial campuses. They holistically evaluate lighting, equipment, processes, and utilities, then make recommendation and help implement changes.

Analyzing Fuel Purchasing Practices Nets Millions in Savings for Trane Fleet (PDF)
Trane’s Fuel Reduction Project enables improved mpg and cost savings, and facilitates sharing of best practices amongst teams and locations. In the first year alone, the project resulted in $1.4M in savings.

Strict Recycling at Trane Sites in Germany Makes Zero Waste-to-Landfill a Reality (PDF)
Germany is one of Europe’s top recyclers. Employees at Trane sites in Germany take part in extensive, easy recycling efforts and as a result, virtually no waste goes to landfills or incineration.

Trane Earns Two Green Globes Certification, Proving Older Buildings Can Operate Sustainably (PDF)
Teams at Trane’s La Crosse, Wis. office facility proved it’s feasible, practical, and affordable to bring an older building closer to modern standards for environmental responsibility, and earned two Green Globes® from the Green Building Initiative (GBI).

Trane Location Saves Energy and Betters Work Environment by Revamping Lighting (PDF)
Substantial cost and energy savings are happening due to an overhaul of the lighting system at Trane’s Los Angeles facility that included bringing more natural light to interior areas, adding state-of-the-art controls, and more.

Zero Waste-to-Landfill Focus at Ingersoll Rand Increases Revenues, Spurs Culture Change (PDF)
Employees at Ingersoll Rand’s Mocksville, NC plant continually find ways to reduce hazardous and non-hazardous waste, leading to substantial financial and environmental savings.

Ingersoll Rand Team Helps Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) Reduce Energy Costs 20% (PDF)
In line with their educational mission and spurred by a state mandate for colleges to reduce energy usage by 20%, CPCC leaders turned to Ingersoll Rand and Trane for a high performance building approach to updating the campus.

Ingersoll Rand Helps University Get $680,000 in Energy Rebates by Upgrading HVAC System (PDF)
Expanding Florida’s Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University campus led to increased cooling demands and a quest for cost-effective solutions, for which they turned to Trane for a high performance building approach to updating the campus.

Wastewater Treatment System at Ingersoll Rand Plant Saves Over 1,000 Gallons of Water Daily (PDF)
The dry climate and scarcity of water in northeastern Mexico inspired teams at Ingersoll Rand's Monterrey facility to find new ways to maximize their water usage.

Leading in Environmental Stewardship Earns Ingersoll Rand Facility Regional Green Award
Employees at Trane's facility in Clarksville, TN implemented programs to generate less wastewater, increase recycling, and decrease electricity use. Substantial results earned the facility Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification.

Auditing Energy and Waste Practices Enables Ongoing Savings at Ingersoll Rand Plant
The employee Green Team at Ingersoll Rand's plant in Vignate, Italy leads initiatives to save energy and reduce waste, resulting in savings of about $62,000 in the first year.

Thermo King Helps Convenience Store Chain Greatly Reduce Fuel Used During Deliveries
Sheetz Inc.'s new multi-temperature refrigerated van fleet saves 148,000 gallons of fuel per year, compared to conventional solutions.

Award Winning Arecibo Packaging Project Exhibits Sustainability Operational Excellence
Returnable packaging and a revised shipping method result in $2 million annual savings for Thermo King’s Arecibo, PR plant.

Erosion Control Project Reduces Water Use While Improving Aesthetics at Colorado Campus
Employees at a Trane facility made changes to remedy erosion, maintenance and aesthetic problems caused by drought conditions.  

Goshen, Indiana, Team Helps Local Industrial Companies Save 4.7 Million kWh Energy
Sales and service teams efforts enable 15 local companies to receive over $300,000 in rebates from their power supplier.

New Heating System in Galway, Ireland, Saves Over 355,000kWh in First Year
The team implementing this facility's thermal optimization project is focused on lowering CO2 emissions, resulting in savings of 350,000kWh and $85,000 in 2013.


Social and Community Contributions

Learn about the Ingersoll Rand Foundation - a resource for company philanthropy and humanitarian work.

New Commuting Habits of Ingersoll Rand Employees Lead to Ongoing, Sizable Savings (PDF)
In the short period since changing their commuting methods, a small group of employees has saved over $6,000 in costs, 12,000 miles, and 500 gallons of gas.

Trane and “Go Green Virginia” Help Schools and Towns Reduce Emissions and Save Money (PDF)
Through public/private partnerships, local groups can increase efficiency, save money and mitigate environmental impacts by implementing a wide range of strategies.

Ingersoll Rand Connects with Local Communities by Supporting FIRST Robotics Competition (PDF)
Through Ingersoll Rand employees work with local schools to foster interest in STEM careers and has been involved in the FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®) since 2010. See how employees and students have built robots from scratch! 

Flexible Work Arrangements and Carpooling Help Employees Save Money and Resources
Employees at the Annandale, NJ facility save money, fuel, and vehicle wear and tear on a daily basis by using sustainable commuting alternatives.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle = Remanufacture
Teams of employees at the Charlotte Trane Remanufacturing Center in North Carolina refurbish old Trane compressors to extend the life of the equipment.

National Bike Challenge Crosses Borders and Helps Employees Reduce Carbon Footprint, Get Fit and Boost Engagement
Employees from Ingersoll Rand locations in the U.S., France and Belgium have collectively biked over 173,000 miles. See how much CO2 and money they saved.

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Sustainable Progress

Ingersoll Rand focuses on nine long-term sustainability goals to advance social and environmental performance. See updates on progress made.

Achieving Sustainable Progress (PDF)

Green Team Certification

Employees worldwide join an Ingersoll Rand Green Team to improve their local environment and contribute to sustainability goals. Congratulations to teams who have earned certification.

Certifications Announcement (PDF)

Ingersoll Rand Certified Green Teams Brochure (PDF)