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This page provides resources on environmental challenges, trends, global discussions, and more. Check back often to find new publications, data and research from our partners and our own initiatives, as we aim to further the understanding of sustainability and energy efficiency issues. Topic areas:

  • Global Research, Market Intelligence and Discussions
  • Corporate Sustainability Responsibilities and Initiatives
  • Sustainability Performance
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How Building Owners Can Find the Right Way Forward in Energy Efficiency 
Sean McBride, vice president of strategy, business development and innovation for Trane and Thermo King, explains how energy efficiency lies in holistic solutions. Read whitepaper


Ingersoll Rand Collaborates with IRI on Sustainability Measurement Tool
Ingersoll Rand, the Industrial Research Institute (IRI), and several other IRI member companies released a "Maturity Model for Sustainability in New Product Development" to help organizations make products more sustainable. Press release


Greenhouse Gas Reductions through Performance Contracting under EPA's Clean Power Plan
Ingersoll Rand and six other energy service companies (ESCOs) released a technical paper on performance contracting in section 111(d). Prepared by AJW,
get paper here.

From our peers:


The Role of Sustainability in Enterprise Risk Management


Energy Efficiency Playbook: Replacements vs Investments


Unlocking ROI and Understanding the Complete Return on Smart Building Investments


Driving Performance and Transparency in Green Building Products and Materials


14 Strategies to Save Up to 70% in Energy Costs Using the Latest in Warehouse Lighting and More


Transparency and the Role of Environmental Product Declarations



Global Research, Market Intelligence and Discussions

Unlocking the Benefits of Energy Efficiency: An Executive Dilemma

The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed business executives on the importance of energy efficiency; while many execs consider it increasingly important to the bottom line, they have not yet successfully implemented programs. Read report

Rate the Raters

The number of ratings on corporate sustainability has dramatically increased. An in-depth study by the research group SustainAbility examines these ratings to understand how to make them more effective and useful. Phase I   Phase II   Phase III  Phase IV 

MIT Sloan Management Review

A company's use of a "sustainability filter" helps find opportunities for efficiency. Read how Duke Energy considers connection, efficiency, balance and grandchildren in every decision. Read more  

BCSE: Make Clean Energy Count in Durban

Learn more about the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, an Ingersoll Rand partner, and how clean energy industries can deliver immediate reductions in GHG emissions and help governments meet needs.Read more  

Ingersoll Rand at Alliance to Save Energy's (ASE) Energy Efficiency Global Conference

Ingersoll Rand's Scott Tew and Manlio Valdes discussed integrating energy efficiency and smart business. Video,  Ingersoll Rand Leaders Make Business Case for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability,   Linking Policy with Business Strategy & Building Efficiency,   High Performance Buildings: Achieve Superior Performance & Energy Efficiency for Life  

Industry Insights Presented at International Institute of Refrigeration’s Congress

Ingersoll Rand shared breakthrough information and provided visit to local engineering center near Prague. Press release Heat & Mass Transfer in the Defrost Process HFE Fluid for Low Temp Retail Secondary Systems Applications Fuel Consumption Measurement of Bus HVAC Units  

Global Policy Update – Impact of 2011 Durban Platform on Businesses and Society

Ingersoll Rand leaders shared updates and insights on trends and progress in the global climate change discussion. Read whitepaper  

Energy Efficiency: Critical, Challenging and Here to Stay

For facts and insights with a global perspective, view Ingersoll Rand chairman and CEO Michael Lamach’s presentation from the Climate Corps conference. Insights on the Future of Energy Efficiency  

The $300 House Competition

Learn about the realities of building affordable, sustainable housing in developing countries. Read whitepaper  

Energy Independence and Security: A Reality Check

This report helps define issues about U.S. energy policy, sources of energy use, and steps needed for greater energy independence. Read report  

Firms in Emerging Economies Expect Big Energy Changes by 2014

Energy decision-makers anticipate bigger changes in how firms operating in emerging economies will manage energy use, compared to those in developed countries. India is addressed due to its growing gap between energy consumption and generation. Read article  

Miscellaneous Energy Loads in Buildings

This report from the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) details energy use and loss from HVAC, fans, vending machines, and other commercial and residential energy siphoning sources. Read article  

Building a Sustainability Roadmap for Engineering Education

Major environmental, economic and social trends are changing sustainability thinking in the engineering. WEC president & CEO and CEES Advisory Council member Terry Yosie contributed. Read article  

BCSE: Clean Energy Keeping Momentum at COP19 
A Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) coalition promotes the economic and environmental benefits of a diverse, low-carbon energy portfolio. BCSE article.


Corporate Sustainability Responsibilities and Initiatives


Achieving Sustainable Progress at Ingersoll Rand

Since 2009, Ingersoll Rand has focused on nine long-term sustainability goals to advance the company’s social and environmental performance. See updates on progress - the company is on track to reach goals.Ingersoll Rand Sustainability Reports 2012 Highlights 2011 Highlights  

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Read interview with Scott Tew, CEES executive director, on the challenges and trends that apply to implementing sustainability programs. Read interview on  

8th International Conference on Green & Energy Efficient Building and New Technologies & Products Expo

Michael Lamach, Ingersoll Rand Chairman and CEO, welcomed attendees and discussed the role of energy efficiency in creating sustainable buildings and cities. Read speech and see photo  

U.S. Department of Energy: Ingersoll Rand Discovers Hidden Savings with Three-Tiered Energy Audit Model

Through its internal energy audit program, Ingersoll Rand saved $4 million in energy costs, moving toward the goal of reducing company energy use 25 percent by 2019. Read the case study  

Defining Green Products and Integrating Sustainability into New Product Development

Holly Emerson and Sue Burek of the CEES discuss education, innovation, advocacy, operations, and communication. See presentation  

Better Buildings Through Executive Action

USGBC report discusses leveraging existing authorities to promote energy efficiency and sustainability in multifamily, residential and commercial buildings. Read report  

Step Up to Sustainability - The Employees Behind Green Initiatives

Ingersoll Rand employees are the driving force behind increased sustainability at their locations, and two company programs facilitate progress: Green Teams and One STEP Forward. Read whitepaper  

Viewing Innovation Through the Sustainability Lens

In this article for Research-Technology Management magazine, Ingersoll Rand’s Jeff Hynds discusses sustainability as a key business lever similar to quality, reliability and other value areas. Go to Point of View > Viewing Innovation Through the Sustainability Lens  

2011 Six Growing Trends in Corporate Sustainability

Ernst & Young and GreenBiz surveyed executives and thought leaders; this report gives perspective on corporate initiatives, laws and regulations, and scientific advances shaping the green agenda. Read report

2013 Six Growing Trends in Corporate Sustainability
This Ernst & Young survey in cooperation with the GreenBiz Group provides insights on corporate initiatives, laws and regulations, and scientific advances that are shaping the green agenda. Read report 


Sustainability Performance


Ingersoll Rand's High Sustainability Ranking from Global Reporting 

The report includes greenhouse gas emissions, product impacts and stewardship, product safety, and governance and ethical business practices.
Read About Ingersoll Rand's High Sustainability Ranking from Global Reporting Initiative   

Breaking Down Barriers to Energy Efficiency

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps work shows that one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions is to improve building energy efficiency. Read report  

The Long-Term Energy Efficiency Potential: What the Evidence Suggests

This report outlines scenarios where more energy efficiency investments could make it possible to reduce U.S. energy consumption 40-60% by 2050. Read overview and download report from ACEEE 

Unlocking the Benefits of Energy Efficiency

John Conover of Ingersoll Rand presented at Green Building Focus Conference in NC during Earth Day week. See presentation  

The Smart Grid Promise

Watch Eugene Smithart's presentation on Demand Response and Smart Grid at the National Town Meeting. Watch The Smart Grid Promise  

Heating and AC Retrofits Can Create Big Savings for Commercial Buildings

A report from a national lab on HVAC addresses energy savings strategies for commercial buildings, including retrofits. Read report  

A Balanced Approach: The Challenge of Selecting the Right Refrigerants to…

…preserve the environment and deliver value to customers.Heating Plumbing Air Conditioning Magazine Engineers Newsletter for HVAC Designers 

Energy Savings & Economics of Advanced Control Strategies for Packaged AC Units with Gas Heat

The U.S. DoE shares how even a small increase in operational efficiency of packaged air-conditioners and heat pumps in commercial buildings can lead to significant energy use and carbon emissions reductions. Read report  

Realizing the Full Potential of High Performance Buildings

Learn more about how Trane Intelligent Services delivers sustainable performance improvements. Read whitepaper  

Mechanisms to Promote Building Energy Efficiency to Save Money, Create Jobs and Spur the Economy

Read insights and nuances on the role energy efficient buildings play in improving energy infrastructure, resource usage, business performance, and the economy. Read whitepaper  

Saving Money & Energy: NRDC Review of Energy Efficiency Retrofit of Mumbai Building

As India experiences rapid urbanization and crippling blackouts, officials strive to incorporate energy efficiency measures to build a reliable energy future and save money. Read case study  

ASE Energy 2030: Working to Double U.S. Energy Productivity to Save Money, Increase Jobs

Learn about policy solutions and how (and why) to double U.S. energy productivity by 2030, from research on investments, technology, human behavior, and government issues. Read report and recommendations  

ACEEE Launches New Self-Scoring Tool to Aid Global Energy Efficiency

This tool to help users around the world analyze and improve the energy efficiency of their nation, state or province. Learn more here. 

Why Sustainable Design and Construction? Green Globes for New Construction

This analysis reviews the many distinctive and substantial benefits to building sustainable buildings, integrating economic, environmental and social goals. Read whitepaper.

Assessing the Costs and Benefits of the Superior Energy Performance Program

Forty industrial facilities participate in the U.S. DoE supported Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program in which facilities implement an energy management system based on the ISO 50001 standard, and pursue third-party verification of their improvements. Read reprint of conference paper.

Cutting Through the Complexity: How Building Owners Can Find the Right Way Forward in Energy Efficiency 

This whitepaper by Sean McBride, vice president of strategy, business development and innovation for Trane and Thermo King, delves into how energy efficiency lies in holistic solutions. Read whitepaper.