Team of Experts

Employees of Ingersoll Rand work with sustainability-minded groups to keep up with the latest trends, share expertise, advocate for policy changes, and apply best practices.

See fun animation on the company's mission and progress  "Sustainability at Ingersoll Rand: Our Path to Premier Performance".

Real World Sustainability Successes  - See how employees achieve vast cost and energy savings, reduce waste, and help improve their communities by acting sustainably.

Ingersoll Rand Green Teams Get Results - Employee Green Teams make a huge difference in reducing waste, saving energy, and improving engagement. See astounding results Green Teams Measure Success, Increase Engagement (short video) and Green Teams overview.

Ingersoll Rand's Commitment to the Charlotte, NC Region - See video on the company's deep ties to the community.

Latest News & Events

Ingersoll Rand Supports Findings of the BCSE’s 2016 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook
Annual factbook gives overview of the country's energy consumption and adoption of sustainable energy options.

Ingersoll Rand in Top Percent of Companies on CDP Climate Change Report, Named to Climate Disclosure Leadership Index
The company scored 99 out of 100, a 6-point increase over 2014, indicating a level of transparency in the disclosure of climate change-related information.

Ingersoll Rand Joined International Climate Community at United Nations 2015 Paris Climate Conference
Experts participated in BCSE forum on next generation, low GWP refrigerant options for HVAC and transport refrigeration products.

Ingersoll Rand Energy Leader Join's GreenBiz Webcast, Unveils Findings of Climate Change Research
Owen Smith shares findings of new research Dec. 1. Click for FREE registration.

Ingersoll Rand Collects Illustrious Awards from N.C. Chapter of U.S. Green Building Council
The company received honors for demonstrating innovative performance solutions and systematic integration of sustainability standards.

Featured Resource

Leading the Way to a Better World

Ingersoll Rand reaffirms commitment to social, environmental and financial responsibility in 2014 Sustainability Report. See comprehensive update on specific goals and results. 

Learn about Ingersoll Rand's Climate Commitment or see video. The company plans to cut GHG emissions in half by 2020 and invest $500 million in energy efficiency. See year 1 progress update.

Sustainablity & CSR News - See media announcements from the CEES, Ingersoll Rand, and its brands. Ingersoll Rand in Top 10 Percent of Companies on CDP Climate Change Report, Named to Climate Disclosure Leadership Index